Financial Year 2013 started with a Big Bang Advertising by BFSI segment. Dena Bank, Bank of India and Federal bank running the most creative, innovative ads one after the other from 1st April – 3rd April. Insurance sector was also not behind with New India Insurance joining the innovative ad bandwagon.

Not just the copy and design of the ads was super innovative, the media buying strategy was also very innovative . All of them decided to buy the ads in Times Of India mast head.

The best part is that the copy of all ads was most innovative and unique that I almost couldn’t differentiate one from another (apart from their logos)! I guess ad-agencies have a Template which looks like below:

“Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx, for your patronage and making us BIG”

Rs. xx000,00,00,000… money being managed and growing                               <Add Logo Here>

Big Thanks to our yy Million customers!”

Indian Bank Ads DSC_1019 (1)


Good job Banks and Ad-Agencies, now we trust you more and we will bank with only your bank! Your customer no. 999,99,99,999.