Dear Money Burning Black Holes and Every one who “thinks” one can not measure ROI on Social media, please don’t get Slapped again (save yourself the embarrassment Watch the Adobe Marketing Cloud Video below). Adobe has done a fantastic job in building a page dedicated to share their campaign performance (they really mean measurement), see Adobe’s campaign performance and they call it Ultimate Case Study.

After you have seen the Video above, now, is the time to come back to senses and start looking at a fantastic presentation put together by @maheshmurthy on some relevant metrics to measure the ROI on Social Media marketing.

Just to clarify:

I do not endorse Mahesh’s and his company Pinstorm’s views on Facebook stifling the organic virality as compared to promoted posts. While New York times claims in their post “Sharing Comes at a Cost“. As facebook posted its rebuttal on their Newsroom Fact Check. I would like to see some data that can conclusively confirm the claims. Either from FB or from companies / people against it.

And if someone tells you the next time, what is the ROI if you do not wear your pants, tell them that it is the same as getting slapped (displayed above).