Before I start with 5 things to solve for Yahoo! Axis, below are the TOP three things I loved:

  • Fast Predictive Search
  • Multi-Device Sync
  • Visual Search Results

I tested the new #Yahoo #Axis browser from a common user’s perspective and I have prepared a list of 5 problems to solve or else #Yahoo #Axis wouldn’t fly high.

1) Search Starts from Top not Bottom

All heat map studies will show you that the top left of the browser is the most visible area and that’s where the search starts and not at the bottom of the browser.

Google Chrome – Top where Search starts.

Google Chrome Bottom – Where Axis is placed

So your placement of having the search box on bottom left doesn’t work. Unless you are assuming that the consumer behavior will change because people have installed some browser plugins?

2) Search from Context Menu Missing

When I find a keyword on the page which I want to learn about I select that and from the context menu, I can directly search on Google. Why do you think I will Bing or Yahoo it, if it is not even present there?

3) Missing from default New Tab results?

When I installed your plugin on my browser and gave consent etc., why can you register as a mandatory link in the new tab or at-least take over as a custom new tab?  It is not intuitive to click on the Home button down there to start my search or even consider using your plugin.

4) Launch in US only – Not even searchable?

In the connected world Yahoo! thinks it makes sense to launch it on browsers etc and for the multiple device sync it’s not available  in India and when I search it on Apple App Store, it throws an error.

5) Contextual Keyword Search Sucks – Where is Image and Video Search?

So, I want to watch a Video or see some pictures. I search for Viral Videos and I don’t see the Videos directly in the search, I see search results, whilst Google makes it so easy to watch the video right then and there.

So dear Product Manager at #Yahoo! #Axis, hope you see the 5 challenges that I have depicted above and these make some way into your product development cycle. Else, it’s practically going to be a very hard pitch from you which will #fail.