I watched Satyamev Jayte on DailyMotion first (videos removed later) as the Satyamev Jayte site owners didn’t think it was necessary for them to upload it on their website before Daily Motion did. Post that I watched it on Youtube (linked through #SMJ’s site).

There have been social movements for eg: Jaago Re. They did a brilliant job in activating thousands of common Indian people to go and Vote and their online platform enabled Voter ID activation. The concept was brilliantly executed online by providing an engaging platform.

I read Mahesh Murthy‘s post on facebook about the Satyamev Jayte‘s falling numbers on twitter and facebook engagement within one day of launch. And I concur with him when he said that Star TV’s attitude towards digital was: “we’ll just use digital to promote TV tune-ins route”. This truly is not the right attitude and engagement model.

Here are couple of things that should change the way Satyamev Jayte’s digital campaign should structure.

  • Continuous Engagement on Social Issues – Track the social issue engagement i.e. how many people SMSed supporting the cause. Give a Geo level report i.e. which geos are actively participating? Urge more people to do the same.
  • Measure Outcome –  What was the outcome of the support extended by the people. How many cases got resolved? What was the total money collected? How was the money spent and what was the impact of that?
  • Accountability – How many of the raised issues and causes saw some outcome? Give the online platform to journalists who did sting operations to gather support and see an outcome/conclusion.

Add more to the digital agenda for #SMJ.