I like an average internet users got blinded by the shine of the fancy new Google Drive, wrote my experience in the blog post below and shared it with my friends. And one of my friends pointed me towards the Terms of Service for Google Drive, which is different for Google Apps Account and Google personal accounts. If you are an Apps account user, all data is safe and no ownership issues, however, if you are using a personal account, then the lawyers at Google have ensured to use the language in a way that Google in-fact owns your data and can do what the want with it. Which is crazy… I think GDrive should be treated separately, Google can not just pick my private documents and share them the way they want or made them publicly available. However, I think the intention of the terms is not as it appears. I am looking for more clarity on the same. Till then my Joy Ride has Snoozed, see below:




Below is the sequence of events of how I got in the driver seat of Google Drive:

  • Read a blog post about Google Drive launching soon.
  • I Went to drive.google.com and signed up for notification (when it’s available).
  • Today this email appeared in my inbox:


  • Opened the email and my Shiny new Google Drive was waiting to be taken for a ride.


  • Logged in to my Google Docs and saw the new Google Drive notification!


  • Downloaded it to my Laptop and the drive was ready in few seconds.
  • Now I am able to sync all my files to my Google Drive.

Just 2 weeks back I was contemplating to buy storage on Box.com and DropBox.com. I am glad that I didn’t because I heard that Google Drive was coming soon. Saved a bunch of money and happy to take Google Drive for a joy ride.

And I must say, it’s working very well. Synced over 500 MB of data already. Though, it’s slower than Dropbox as of now. Dropbox was syncing my data at a much faster speed. However, for a free 5 GB storage + online editing of docs using Google Docs it’s a pretty good deal.