Why Komli acquired Admax, watch the video:

Komli Media is on an acquisition spree and through some trusted sources (and now public announcement), I have learnt that Komli Media has acquired Asia’s leading ad-network AdMax Network which offers its services throughout the south east Asian geography. Presently AdMax Network offers it’s services in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

With this acquisition, Komli Media will now be able to service its advertisers and publishers in a much more holistic way. The reach of the Komli Media network has increased tremendously through this acquisition.

See the image below to see the Reach Added to Komli Media’s network strength:

With Real time bidding engine ATOM and a massive acquisition spree, Komli Media has taken all the right strides to become the Media behemoth in Asia Pacific while being able to deliver performance advertising at a scale. There are many more ad-networks in the country, however, they end up doing simple trading of buying media at a lower cost and selling it at a higher cost. However, the real value for an advertiser and a publisher comes when they are able to maximize their return on investments and when they can get performance advertising solutions. However, performance advertising reaches the scalability issue very soon. With Komli media stepping in Digital, Social, Search and Mobile, they have continuously innovated and expanded their reach while delivering on the Performance promise!

I am delighted as a marketer to see the growth and reach that I can get today while sticking to fundamentals of performance based advertising in India.