SHOCKING ISB AD: How NOT to Advertise on Facebook!

Indian School of Business's iDiya Facebook Ad Spelling Mistake

I was shell shocked to look at the ISB’s iDiya  – A National Social Ideas Challenge’s ad on Facebook with Spelling errors. Not just that, when I clicked on it, it took me the iDiya contest page which said the registrations are closed. The copy error issues didn’t just exist in the Facebook Ad copy, it continued to the main landing page see below the error, instead of 3rd, it says 3nd.

Yes, the most reputed B-School in the country which has produced some of the best known talented leaders in the country can’t run a simple Facebook PPC campaign. I have always opined that just thinking about strategy doesn’t take people anywhere. After all its execution that matters. And after seeing the registration closed page, I was just trying to think may be the strategy and execution are both flawed here. Someone is not thinking enough before running a Facebook ad campaign.

May be, this was the free advertising credit provided by Facebook to ISB students to try out stuff. But clearly the trial is not fruitful and and not leading to anything at all.


The sad part was that, even if you want to run a Facebook ad campaign, why was there NO Call to action used on the landing page? Even if the user lands on the registration closed page, you could drive the user to see last year’s entries, winners, testimonials etc. or some time-lines for this year’s activity.

Seems like the young leaders need a lesson or two on how to use Social media! Where are all the Social Media experts and gurus? Here is an opportunity.


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