Sheraton’s WASTED Social Media MONEY: How ABSOLUTELY not to do Facebook Ad Campaigns!

While my last post on shocking ad from ISB, How not to Advertise on Facebook was just fresh in my mind, I came across another interesting example. Before that, the Indian School of Business’s iDiya ad with wrong copy is still LIVE on facebook and driving traffic to a page which shows closed registrations. See below: 

Now back to the money being wasted by Sheraton hotel’s photo contest campaign. Below is an example of bad ad campaign running LIVE on facebook right now.

Look at the ad below:

Top Issues with the Ad:

Weak  Headline: The headline is very weak. It just says four points by Sheraton, firstly the name of the hotel is four points which is not very evident. Secondly, it doesn’t command any attention or attract any action from the users. And bu the way, who puts … in front of their brand name, unless there is some continuity to the same in the copy, which off-course isin’t there.

Missing Contest Info: If you haven’t yet noticed this is an ad for a valentine’s day contest being run by the Four Points hotel. The biggest call to action i.e. Participate in the contest is the least visible. Not just that, the point that this is an ad for the contest is totally missing.

Ad-Image: Look at the image very carefully, you will realize that it is an image of a couple trying to paint or do something which looks like a heart. Well, clearly the artist didn’t spend any time in making this image for facebook as it’s so hard to understand what is happening in this image.

Ad-Copy: So this is now funny, let me ask you: Have you ever gone to a 5 star hotel which offers uncomplicated convenience and thrilling offers? What the $%^& does it even mean? Who is writing this copy? Clearly this shows that how disconnected the copy writer and the marketer is from the real consumer. Forget that, even if you enjoy “uncomplicated convenience”, why on earth is a contest ad talking about that and not about the contest? The entire copy seems totally disconnected with the headline and call to action and image. And I thought the call to action should be Participate in Contest instead of Like us 😦 (my heart cries)!

Landing Page: Not just this, after you click on this ad, you are taken to a landing page which is actually the contest page. There is a big image on the top which says (literally) photo contest. Obviously, that’s enough, and now I as a user understand what the hell is this contest about. Anyhow, for the more patient participants, there is a about this contest tab. When you go and read the copy of that contest, all your love will go out of window and your heart will cry to find and beat that copywriter up.

See the excerpts below:

Valentine’s Day is on the way, and we can hardly wait! Lovers young and old will soon be holding hands, either lost in each other’s eyes or grinning the goofy grin of people unable to hide their happiness. Those “aww!” inspiring moments are precious, so we want you to capture them on camera and share them with us!

So what are you waiting for love birds…send us those sweetheart snaps today!
Timeline for this contest –
All entries must be in by – 2012-02-13

Voting starts at – 2012-02-06

Voting ends at – 2012-02-13

Campaign ends at – 2012-02-13

OUTCOME from the contest?

2 entries 😀 😛

All this shows that some agency has sold the idea of getting Likes on the facebook fan page and using contests to drive large number of clicks and likes and building social media marketing campaign and presence! Seems like another hospitality brand (Sheraton) taken for an uncomplicated convenient ride by some smart a$$ social media agency / guru.

This is exactly and absolutely not how you run your facebook campaign. Now,  I am so tempted to spend my next weekend writing a blog post on how to run your facebook campaign!


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