Have you been Samsunged?

As much as I love Apple for the brilliance in design, precision and high quality prducts, I am getting wooed by Samsung’s recent ad-camapigns. Clearly Samsung is green with envy by Apple products but then they are trying really hard and I must say it can pay off.

Android activation numbers are mind boggling and especially the two recent ad campaigns shows Apple to be buidling green lock-ups to lock people up with their expensive Apps regime. While it projects Samsung to be the cool open world economic app store through Android MarketPlace! It makes Apple fan boys feel bad about:

– The long waits they have to go through during launch of new Apple products
– Paying for apps that Samsung users get free of charge
– And the launch of Apple iPhone 4S while the fans expected iPhone 5

The two recent Samsung Ad-Camapigns saying: “We’ve Been Samsunged” are really poking fun at Apple

1) We’ve been Samsunged: The ad-campaign teaser that Samsung is running for the Super Bowl.

2) And the previously run ad-campaign making Apple fan boys feel bad about standing in queues.

Do you think Samsung’s efforts are really denting Apple’s smartphone domination?