A friend of mine was searching for Van Halen songs on PirateBay (;P), Just searching!

While searching, he ended up seeing an ad (screenshot below). Now can you guess what is this ad going to link to?

Crappy Online Banner Advertising

This is what I call crappy online banner advertising to generate shitty traffic to the site which leads to nothing.

No conversions, no revenue almost nothing. Though, it does eat up your marketing $$s.

These are being run by DMG media , DSNR media group. I wonder sometimes if they really mean what they say on their sites:

Results Based Performance Advertising

If the result expected is to generate crap traffic, sure, this will do the job. But I thought as entrepreneurs and businessmen would like to generate traffic which converts and leads to a fruitful customer and a relationship that lasts, where does such banner advertisements stand?

BTW: Any guesses still to which site’s ad is this? If you are in India and visiting Piratebay.org, you might just see the ad, click on it and see where you end up… and do share what you think about this…