Secret conversation between Steve and iPad’s product manager revealed? So what was Apple’s plan with iPad launch?

Steve: Hey guys we want to be the 1st in the market to launch a tablet device.
Product Manager (PM): Steve we do not have a product anywhere close to be called ready.
Steve: Buddy, do you remember we are Apple and we can sell technically inferior products by making them look SUPER SEXY and projecting them as the most wanted products out there?
Steve: Let’s see what do we have here…Oh here it is…iPod Touch… get this expanded to the tablet size and we will keep everything same and sell it as a tablet till the time we make a real tablet device.
PM: But this doesn’t have any feature what so ever to be called a tablet device.
Steve: It doesn’t matter, I will rope in some TOP media companies like NY Time and get them to sell their newspapers on my tablet and off-course we can get a bunch of e-book publishers on board too.
PM: Steve, but this doesn’t come closer to the tablet still, How will you convince your customers to buy that idea?
Steve: I am a master presenter. I will sell the dream and by then anyways we will get time to work on a proper tablet device, and off-course our marketing chaps can get some “NEWS LEAKING” blogs to keep leaking some pictures and we will off-course announce the 3G and wifi version till then.
PM: Who on earth will then buy if you will announce that the real tablet is coming soon.
Steve: Apple’s iPad buyers are either dumb people or they are too impatient… I am sure we have a market out there…
Steve: Now we have captured the mind-space of people by being the 1st company to offer Apple’s tablet and locked them down with a proprietary OS and a App Store model… moving on to the next level of iPad 3G would be much easier for us now.

It’s almost next to cheating by selling an incomplete device like iPad (in it’s present form) and I am surprised that people are willing to buy it… not just willing, apparently some 300K orders too. I feel either the dumbness quotient is too high among these guys who want to buy it or their impatience level is too high that they can’t wait for them to at least finish the product by adding the required features in the iPad before launch. Once Apple launches iPad 3G / wifi the iPad buyers will be kicking themselves in nuts and must be thinking that they must have been nuts to buy something like that!

After the launch of HP’s Slate device in June 2010 (VIDEOs on the features of HP Slate) it’s almost a shame for Apple to even bring iPad in it’s present form to the public. This will upset a lot of Apple fans and off-course bring forward the ill-will and the closed approach that Apple implements to trick it’s users.