New York Time on 17th March reported about the alliance Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. These companies have got together to work on next gen TVs and set-top boxes which will deliver the internet experience on TVs in your living room.

There was a mention that Logitech would be working on a keyboard in the remote control. My mind started running to see massive gaming opportunities this alliance can foster. So, here is a wishlist for Google TV Alliance:

1) Please add a Touch Pad in the remote – We sometimes like to just touch and browse. And off-course we like tapping and clicking too.
2) Motion Sensors – Please do not forget to add motion sensors in the remote… sometimes we just enjoy games which are fast paced and have some action in it!
3) You may want to add vibration – I know Sony might want to work with logitech to work on these Intelligent remotes which can be like gaming consoles…and adding vibrations really help us to get real life experience!
4) Camera in TV – I am sure a lot of people would like to see their friends or may be themselves in the big shiny screen… so please don’t forget to add a camera.
5) Sound and Speakers – Many of us enjoy high quality music and we would like to have the ability to connect external speakers in these fancy alliance TV sets. PS: I am not talking about Sony sound systems.
6) The battery life of the remotes – Please see we run these remotes on battery. So give us re-chargeable batteries and please see if these remotes don’t eat too much power.
7) I like to socially network – And I hope you will allow me to access my fav. sites like FB, Twitter, Linkedin etc etc.
8) Set-Top Boxes – We hate them…coz they are dumb… we hope this time some intelligence comes in…and off-course lots of space to store data or may be store data in TV??
9) Can I select my own search engine?
10) Make subscription and un-subscription for content easy…may be feedly style!

I am sure this wish list is too small… so you can probably add your points to the wish list and let’s see if the Google TV alliance fulfills it!