I was reading brettsimmons article RTed by Dharmesh Shah on twitter. Though I scored 8/8 but then I am not here for an interview, though, I think the questions need more accountability. Added my bit to it below.

1. What RSS reader do you use? Can you show it to me? – How much do you read and what do you do with it? Does it inspire you to blog about your thoughts on those articles / blogs?
2. What blogs do you read? – Why did you choose and what are you doing with it?
3. Do you rank first for your name in Google? – Till how many pages?
4. Do you use Delicious? Can you show it to me? – Has it helped you and how?
5. Do you have a blog? Can you show it to me? – How many readers? Why they subscribe or don’t? Do you have analytics installed and what does is show you?
6. Do you use Facebook or LinkedIn? When was the last time you updated your profile? – Do you participate in answers, have you got any best answers yet?
7. Do you use Twitter? Can you show it to me? – Whom do you follow? Why? Who follows you and Why?
8. Do you have a channel on YouTube? Can you show it to me?
9. Do you measure your influence using Hootsuite or Objective Marketer kind of free tools?