Digital Playgrounds

Online Games have provided the new playgrounds to the world which has no limits, no boundaries and no times to close. The Digital Playgrounds have actually strengthened the social fabric of India and brought the same old days of people sitting together in a choupal back.

The other day, my friend and I were discussing how we missed the joy of being able to just run around and play all day long. When we were kids, we looked forward to the late afternoon – early evening period. This was when we would forget about all our childish problems like homework, cleaning our rooms, fussing over vegetables etc., and rush out to the playground to start the all-important task of choosing teams and deciding on the game we would play.

As we grew up, it became tougher and tougher to avoid the huge amounts of homework we got in school. Plus, we had to go and ‘hang out’ at all the ‘coolest’ places. All through college most of us were half-dead trying to keep up with the never-ending amounts of research and assignments that seemed to just keep piling up. Then came the crazy routine of sending out our resumes to literally thousands of firms, hoping we would get a call from one of the most prestigious companies telling us, “Congratulations. You’ve got the job!”. And before we knew it, we were full-blown adults, with jobs and real-life bank accounts!

We didn’t even have time to catch up with old friends anymore. Most of my friends had gotten jobs in different parts of the country. We went from talking to each other every single day, to calling each other maybe once a month.

So there we were, my friend and I, grumbling about how drastically life had changed for all of us, in the blink of an eye. But at least there was some respite. At least we had the wonderful world of Online Gaming for some recreation. There were no time-constraints or even border-limitations for that matter – these were the new-age playgrounds : Digital Playgrounds! We could play whenever we had the time or inclination to play, with anyone who was online at that moment – whether they were in Bangalore, Kolkata or Mumbai.

And the best part was that I could beat my friend, who was, according to herself, unbeatable in Online Rummy. Every night, after work, I would settle down in my favourite chair in front of my laptop and begin my winning streak. It was my way of unwinding after a long day of work. This was the time when we went from being friends to competitors – for 3 long hours.

My friend and I came to the conclusion that life wasn’t all that bad after all. Sitting in our own apartment, with hot steaming bowls of soup, and an entire night of gaming stretching in front of us, life seemed pretty darn good!

Co Blogger- Duhita Jagtiani


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