I was just passing by the area where apparently some bomb blast happened. Even though I didn’t see any scene of actual bomb exploding there, but I have heard there has been a series of bomb blasts in Bangalore upto 5 of them in multiple places.

The scene was busy with people getting anxious and asking what’s going on, however I have not see anything in particular. It was all filled with Police men trying to sort out the chaotic traffic and managing people.

Bangalore has been a high growth city for past 10 years now and has been peaceful. However, it seems like many people do not want that to happen. It can also be a political unrest or some kind of terrorist act. However, in the past couple of years this has been the 3rd biggest incident of Bomp blast in a city like Bangalore.

I wonder sometimes, what leads the people to do something as heinous as this? What do they get personally out of this?

I am sure like Mumbai … Bangalore is becoming resilient to such instances and will surely come back to normalcy within a day!