PR 2.0 – PR + Hiring – naseba Hired LIVE on Radio Indigo

I hear a lot about PR2.0 and how conversations are making things happen and then social media and blogs are driving the new sales and marketing strategies, here is something that I would like to call the PR2.0 LIVE Experience, a PR 2.0 strategy!

naseba, a French MNC, did a big PR campaign with Radio Indigo 91.9 FM where they initiated and accomplished a hiring campaign for the first time in India to hire their sales executives LIVE ON AIR.

I wrote earlier about the stress interview which Scott Ragsdale, CEO of naseba is going to take LIVE ON AIR and that’s exactly what happened this Friday, 30th May 2008 when the history was made by recruiting LIVE ON AIR on a radio channel first time in India.

This can turn out to be a successful PR strategy for any organization to enhance their presence and support their recruitment drives. naseba started a recruitment campaign with promoting a LIVE stress interview on Radio Indigo, where Scott Ragsdale the CEO of naseba hires live on air.

2 weeks of teaser and live campaigns on AIR just added the appropriate Indian spice in the whole recruitment drive and candidates resumes started flowing in and Global Chief Marketing and CRM Director of naseba, Liam Findlay introduced the company and culture to the listeners and finally the team short listed few candidates. Dhruva and Nagarjuna the final short listed candidates were interviewed LIVE on air and they went through the stress interview and both of them emerged as the winning candidates!

While companies and individuals worldwide are talking about what they are going to do, naseba is just making it happen!


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