Radio Indigo 91.9 FM + naseba (French MNC) hiring LIVE on AIR – in a Stress Interview

First Time ever in history of Indian Radio, Radio Indigo 91.9 FM and naseba, a French MNC would be hiring its sales consultants LIVE On-Air. To accomplish this task, the CEO of the company Scott Ragsdale is flying down from Monaco to hire the person LIVE through a stress interview ON-AIR on Radio Indigo 91.9 FM, the colour of music.

My team member Subhashree, who initiated this idea, is making it happen. She comes from a diverse background of advertising and production in radio. This special recruitment drive will not just be a job opportunity for candidates but this is a brilliant opportunity for all the listeners of the channel to learn how to handle a stress interview and how to communicate with the CEO of a company in an interview.

In a stress interview generally the interviewers are trying to assess how quickly you can think of your feet? Can you handle situations which you didn’t expect can happen? They want to see your attitude and analytical skills even in a time of shock or stress. Here are TOP 5 tips on how to manage a stress interview.
1) Leave your fear @ home
– People who are fearless are the most confident people. If you are confident, you can handle awkward situations as you would be able to take out quick 2 secs to think and then respond to the situation. If you are fearless, it doesn’t matter who is interviewing you, the hiring manager or the CEO. Know your basics well and you would sail well.

2) The interviewer wants to hire you
– As much as it’s your prerogative to get the job, interviewer also wants to hire the best candidate. So your confidence, your ability to think creatively and your response would only help the interviewer to decide on hiring you or not. Keeping the calm in your head and answering questions to the best of knowledge would be helpful.

3) Aggression
– Sometimes companies are looking for aggression through a stress interview as this might be for a sales position. You need to be aggressive though aggression shouldn’t let you loose your cool. As tomorrow, when you are at a customer’s office, you need to aggressively push your product/service but you can’t misbehave with them.

4) Ask counter questions – If you think you are being trapped in a “Situational case” or a “Ridiculous Puzzle”, ask questions. You can start analyzing the situation in your mind and at any roadblock ask questions. This was you will be very clear on what you have to answer also you will get time to think about the same.

5) Mannerism – Sometimes strange mannerisms are shown by the interviewer, its just to push you in a corner or distract you from thinking. You can simply ignore such mannerisms and continue to focus. Don’t get bogged down by loud voce, shouting or dirty stares etc. Remember the tip 1 – Leave your fear @ home, that’s it!

Post your experiences earlier with stress interviews or your ideas or comments on this innovative recruitment drive LIVE ON-AIR on Radio…


One thought on “Radio Indigo 91.9 FM + naseba (French MNC) hiring LIVE on AIR – in a Stress Interview

  1. Hey,
    This is Dhruva here. I was the first person to be interviewed and hired for Naseba on Air.
    It feels great 🙂

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