TITLE or Subject Lines can make or break it!

Apology for using that subject line on a marketing, communication and technology blog, I just couldn’t resist it to make my point! Get a Title that baffles people!

For obvious reasons if you are reading this, you were not interested in any book or Email Marketing, but, to know more about the decreasing libido in US men. I do not blame you, it’s the title that can make or break the thing sometimes.

1) A recent example: “37 Mating Techniques” , one of my ol’ friend bought this book. Obviously she was trying to lay her hands on something new which she can try out. And just out of embarrasment, she didn’t bother to open the book to read what’s inside. When she reached home, jump-opened the book, just to find out it was a book on chess!

2) Help for Sex starved Wives, I was reading this report on TIME.com with the Title “Help for SEX starved wives” by Michele Weiner Davis shattering the myth of men not getting enough sex. According to her survey with redbook where 1000 wives in US responded with 60% of them reported that they wanted at least as much, if not more, sex than their husbands. The Sex-Starved Wife: What to Do When He’s Lost Desire (Simon & Schuster) was the new book that she is trying to promote!

3) More Sex please we are French, while on the other hand TIME reported in France the sexuality has increased in France. According to the new 600-page “Study of Sexuality in France,” commissioned by France’s National Research Agency on AIDS, both the number of partners and diversity of sexual activity has significantly increased in France in the last decade. Only 3.5% of women aged 18-35 years now say they are sexually abstinent. The title is just another example of how to promote your report with a Title that rocks!