HSBC Bank – Marketing Strategy reaches New “Greener” Heights – Shameful Marketing promotion.

Yesterday night while on my evening walk I noticed the “New Green Ways” of marketing adopted by some Employees of HSBC bank. As if the annoying calls for personal loans were not enough, the Sales Executive at HSBC bank decided to NAIL posters on the trunks of trees to sell Personal Loans.

As John Muir said, “God has cared for these trees, saved them from draught, diseases, avalanches, a thousand of tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools.”

I wonder what they are thinking when they came up with this brilliant Marketing Plan. Will posting a personal loan ad on a tree trunk get people to call you? It is ridiculous. Isnt there a law againt this somewhere in the country?

I was just wondering, if you post something on a billboard, you pay the billboard owner rent. Considering HSBC posters are on trees which are public property should’nt HSBC be paying the public. Will HSBC give out company shares to every bangalorean? Will they atleast pay-back society in some way instead if ruining the environment. Is there anything at all the Bank is doing for the society in which it operates?

Enough of complaining. On one hand while there are no-brainer promotion tactics like this, there are some people who really care for the city and planet’s green face. They have started planting trees for free across the city. They have left a name humbly and they have a blog which is full of action and it speaks for them.

What I am doing here is to take their action to masses and spread their to the people:

“We plant trees for free to heal the earth. As of now, we do this in Bangalore only. So if you know any place where a tree can take root and flourish, let us know. We’ll do the rest. You’re welcome to join us, I as a volunteer or a “tree planting member”(one who gives 100 rupees to plant a tree, every month). We also plant trees as a living tribute to your birthday, anniversary, or any other day that you want us to. If you like what we do, and then feel free to spread the good word about our work. Speak to your friends, family, and your company’s CSR department. Do whatever it takes to spread some greenery and heal the earth.”

I have contacted the people behind this to put my personal efforts to help promote and contribute in this initiative.

For once, let’s stop complaining and DO this. And for the people at the private banks, please put some thought into your Marketing exercises.