Online media evangelism – How online media can augment sales when traditional media gets the beating.

INC Philosophy: Incentivise Nurture Capitalize

I was reading an article this morning on how the surrogate advertising might just get blocked completely in India, thanks to our minister Anbumani Ramadoss. I met him during an ICT in healthcare event in Baramati. He is a learned man and gets very passionate about certain issues, especially with younger generation.

This is a roadblock as well as an opportunity for the marketers. Obviously one channel (TV) for promotion of such brands as well as brand extensions might get blocked. However, the channel which opens for India Inc. is the online channel. Fortunately the Indian minister does not have control over the online channel (Yet). So obviously this channel can be leveraged effectively for the promotion.

Incentivise: Give more reasons for people to move online and see the benefits like Cost or better and quicker service etc.

Nurture: Provide more benefits, create a conversation and nurture the audience by collaborative community based discussions.

Capitalize: Capitalize by spending the least amount of advertising dollars and still convert them to revenue.

INC is the new marketing mantra in a age where the traditional media fails.