TOP Ways / Tips to manage Wives (Happiness)

Male, 25, Indian, Married, all these four words generally do not appear in the same sequence in case of Indian Men or at least not in Bangalore. So if you are reading them together, you can definitely predict signs of an early marriage for that man. To manage the Happiness (acronym Wife) and relationship for such men becomes a challenge. They need to learn clever subtleties of managing the happiness in relationships.

Here are TOP ways or TOP Tips to manage Wives (or happiness)

One: Do you remember, while testing your driving skill for a licence, you have to project yourself “as the slowest driver and let everyone pass you by. And once you get your licence, you know how to Drive the car anyways 😀“.
Marriage is the ultimate driving test. Always project that you are naive enough to believe that your wife is making you believe you are smarter than her, even though, you know what the truth is. The disadvantage – you will keep hearing, nice ego massaging statements. {Warning:- this behaviour leads to depletion of bank account “}, But do not worry, if you do not follow this behaviour the damage to your bank balance is anyway going to be higher. So this is a safe and conservative approach to manage happiness.

Two: As a Indian, the route to men’s heart is through stomach. So essentially, boost wife’s morale, at her every culinary attempt. This keeps her happy and you get delicious home cooked food. There can be some aberrations though. However, in general interest and long term Happiness its highly recommended to appreciate the food. In certain cases, where your wife, might not be a good cook, you might want to take an alternate path. However, if your wife cooks well you should blindly follow this approach.

Three: Remember Important Days. This is vital for any husband’s existence. Use mobile calendars, sticky notes, friends, websites, PC calendars or whatever that can help you remember important occassions.And importantly, compliment these dates and occasions with GIFT’S’. The ‘s’ is the ‘s’ of happinesssss. More the ‘s’, more the happiness! Look for subtle hints which your wife gives you while you are mall gazing or passing by a jewellery / shoe / bag store. But be warned, dont’t show interest immediately or ur wallet will be damaged right then. Pretend to ignore, and you would anyway have to run on the last day, but you already have the right ideas on what to buy her.

Four: Respect her time with her female friends. Support her while she plans to catch up with her old friends. Probably cook your own food, drop her at the place, finish off some cleaning the house activities in her absence. Just these small things would help in the long term.BTW: Keep your plans ready during this time of “freedom” – call some of your friends over. But, do not project you had a better time than her or you might not enjoy this freedom for a long time again.
Follow these and you’ll be the perfect husband and did I say no-body is perfect?