Top Husband Management Tips from a Wife’s Perspective

TOP husband management tips for that everlasting Happiness…*

Being a young wife, not too young by the traditional Indian Standards, but definitely young by the modern Indian standards has its own quirks. On one hand, the older relatives who were married much earlier than you were, can’t quiet understand “what your problem is” – with cooking, running the house, work-life balance, husband and most importantly – not feeling the need to reproduce immediately.

The younger ones who are note yet married, can’t understand “what your problem is” either – with an indulging husband, good job, and no children.But what is the problem indeed? How does one manage their husband and in the process their happiness in the marriage. From my brief experience into a marriage this is what I have figured (maybe subject to change on better experience):

TOP ways to manage Husbands and Happiness

One: Never for a moment let the husband know the eternal truth – that you are smarter than your husband. Constantly keeping him under the belief he is “Mr. know” all will do good things for his ego and even better for your wardrobe.

Two: Great cooking – cooking is no rocket science. What with all the numerous websites with recipes on everything from boiled rice to paneer makhni kurma masala. And thanks to Google, just key in the name with the all important word “EASY” and there you have it – A way to get dinner ready in 45 minutes and an enthralled husband.

Three: Subtly reminding him about forthcoming important occasions (birthday – yours and his, anniversary, Valentines Day & any other day you feel like recieving a gift) is vital to ensure you are not disappointed on those occasions. Begin well a month in advance. Every trip to the mall should include pointing to the things you adore and gushing over all the Jewellery / shoes / bags. Lapse of memory by the husband then cannot be given as an excuse when the occasion arises. But be subtle and do not nag

Four: Give him some time alone with the boys. Irrespective of how much men claim not to gossip, exchanging notes with his married pals will have him see how fortunate he is to have you – the ego boosting, great cooking, no nagging wife.


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