AMEX Kingfisher First Credit Card How American Express is a truly Global Bank and caters to local needs.

Marketing + Technology = Speedy Search Engine Market Share

Case Study: On how American Express (AMEX) immediately responded to social media and how Web2.0 or Marketing 2.0 helped them gain a larger search engine pie in the local Indian market.

On Jan 27 2008 I blogged on how the TITANS came together and how AMEX credit cards co-branded with Kingfisher Airlines and Airtel VAS services. A month later I blogged about why AMEX-Kingfisher first cards should re-look at the SEO strategy. The global banking organization immediately responded to the need of the hour and came up with a swanky new optimized page. This page took a brilliant tagging approach and they chose the correct keywords this time to optimize the website and strongly came up within 3 days time. Not only this the existing corporate website web page which has branch webpage has been revamped with apt use of title tags, meta tags, variable names, form names etc.

The search engines respect the content and if the off-page and on-page content is optimized well the search engines will respect you and bring your website up on the rankings. How, I would want to term it as:

Marketing + Technology = Speedy Search Engine Market Share

In today’s world when the sales have a major component of online sales, it’s important to optimize your websites and have a clear SEO / SEM strategy and technology. Another thing in the Marketing 2.0 world is to look at the Social Media responsiveness. Obviously some companies are giving enough attention to this strategy and becoming customer centric.

Dissection of strategy:

Title Tags: “THE AMERICAN EXPRESS® KINGFISHER FIRST CREDIT CARD-HOME”. The clear use of keywords like: American express, Kingfisher First, Credit Card

Again the text used: “Get two or more Kingfisher Airlines tickets every year.” Or “Avail complimentary Airtel Virtual Calling card and Airtel Live! VAS card, plus other exciting special offers”
They have very well optimized keyword density.

One thing which is still missing is: Image name optimization. Right now the images used have names like: image top 1, image top 2, fastestwaytofly, body copy black etc. So essentially the names of the images are not optimized with keywords and summary is still missing in the HTML tags. Though it’s minor thing, but can be further helpful.

Happy optimizing and credit card selling!

Oh by the way, I am a customer of AMEX kingfisher card and I can comment on the service. I traveled from Bangalore to Delhi return and I got free tickets of Kingfisher Airlines which I booked through AMEX travel desk and as always the service was brilliant. So I enjoyed flying the good times with Kingfisher. Not only that I liked the payment methodology of AMEX as I can just log into my Citibank account and go to bills section and directly make an online payment. So isn’t it truly global services packaged for convenience in a localized format?