HR 2.0 Strategies – Niche Professional Networking – The Young Brigade of Knowledge Professionals

HR 2.0 Strategies – Niche Professional Networking – The Young Brigade of Knowledge Professionals

In my previous post on Enterprise 2.0, where I explained how Web 2.0 can be leveraged for Business Transformation in today’s world and wrote about HR 2.0 as the new emerging trend in organizations, here is another HR 2.0 Strategy for your organization.

Niche Professional Networking (NPN). This trend is catching-up and quickly this is taking over the traditional methods of knowledge enhancement, community building, internal communication and recruitment in organizations. Attached to this is another trend of Young Brigade of Knowledge workers – In there early 20s, they have emerged as the dynamic lot who understand business and action around it at a very young age.

Ok, So What is NPN?

It’s like a playground where the kids are allowed to do what they like doing best i.e. play. So you let the people enjoy by allowing them to play in their home ground, in other words, it’s a knowledge workers’ forte and you help the knowledge worker by providing a platform to exchange ideas, share knowledge and let them give comments on the topics of their interest.

Essentially, you allowed the individual to live their lifestyle in the way they want it. And the innate human need of communication gets satisfied. Just by watching the individual living his lifestyle in front of you while you invisibly watch them doing various activities, you can pin point the correct candidate for your needs.

What can NPN offer?

In NPN, the individuals connect with people of their choice, caliber, interest types and more…They not only share their knowledge, obviously they learn a lot, while commenting on a certain issue, their thought process gets more organized, their personal network expands and what more, they are all doing it voluntarily.

Just by sitting in front of their PCs they are able to gauge the worldwide best practices and keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in their field of work.

How is it different from Intranets?

A lot of organizations are doing it through Intranet networks like Wipro, IBM, Infosys, SAP etc. However, the issue is that people use these intranet for a unwind experience and the content takes a hit.

People from various departments with varied interest log on to Intranet and they talk about things as varied as movies, books and favorite actors. So this goes on to killing their productive time.
With knowledge networks or NPNs this time killing techniques are avoided and instead people learn more about their profession, knowledge expansion and networking is what they are able to get as compared to the Intranet.

NPN advantage – This niche professional networking will allow individuals around the world to network, learn, share, collaborate and above all grow as a individual and as a professional!


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