Strive Harder!

After reading the news below, I am just going to head faster and faster to reach my goals!_______________________________________________________

San Francisco-based drug distributor, McKesson’s chairman, John Hammergren, recieved a total compensation package valued at $22.6 million last year. This is in commesurate with the record profit posted by the company last year.Besides his salary of $1.37 million, Hammergren also collected eleven million dollars in bonuses.He also was awarded stock options and restricted stock that had an estimated value of nearly ten million dollars.In addition to the salary, bonuses and stock options, McKesson also doled out nearly $500,000 in other benefits for Hammergren including his personal use of the company’s aircraft.McKesson earned 913 million in its fiscal year ending in March, the highest annual profit since its inception in 1833. Revenue also reached a new peak at $93 billion.


Keep working hard!


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