Now guys I am no poet or anything near to that but whatever I have written below is one of the entries that I sent for a internal contest…so thought to put in here!!!!

Would love to read comments on this!!!!

Just go and tell!

She came into my life and I was gliding through sky,

She did some cute things and made those butterflies fly.

I always cared for her and wanted her to be beside me,

Always loved her and used to think what she feels for me!

I always wanted to tell her how much I cared and love her,

But just stopped before making the final stir!

But soon I realized that it’s me, who loves her and not her,

She always took me as a friend; it was I who was in fuzz!

Now she is now gone; happy and content,

But who am I kidding; It was I who went to that extent!

But soon I realized this is so close to the life,

When did I tell her I always wanted her to be my life!

I loved her with my whole heart feeling every single pain she had,

But when did I go and tell her about the feeling that I had?

I loved her and felt the pain she had,

But when did I tell her the feeling that I had?

With this question intriguing me in my life,

Now I learnt to get over this mental strife!

It made me realize that one has to just go and tell,

How you feel, you have to go and break the spell!!!