School days Part 1… No body can forget…I was in a day school so had the normal school going routine and had a nice friend circle in there and we used to have GR8 time @school as well as @home as we were a group of 5 guys(Sumit, Ajay, Deepanker, Piyush(he joined after 10th) and me) who were well to do and intelligent too…all IITians DCEians RECians…IIMs…All cool guys…and we use to Njoy a lot…

We use to meet up at any1s home for doing those holiday homework in summer holidays. And we use to generally eat at home as my mom is a gr8 cook, we used to play a lot and ya in the last week of summer holidays all those project making, charts n all…that was fun. I remember those days when teachers use to scold us while we use to munch our lunch before lunch time in the class. Not only our but also all the reachable Tiffin of our mates. It used to be gr8 fun hanging around in school, playing games, reading in library…I feel nostalgic now.

Then i remember that amazing incident tht happened with me, sumit and ajay…we bunked and went to Priya complex and unknowingly entered the Baskin Robbins(We all r 8th std kids so no ideas about the price menu and lil money in poockets) Ordered our fav ice cream scoops and drinks…happily waiting and overjoyed with the feeling of that cool delight that was gonna go down our food pipes…just then the reality snake bit us when the guy at counter started removing the plates in front of the prices mentioned there…and we all were looking equally dumb while watching that…oohhh in all our order was worth around 350 buks and what we all in toto carrying 400 bucks and we were supposed to watch a movie yet….

Suddenly GOD may b heard us or what…just then the came from inside and told that they have ran out of serving glasses and the sweat just rolled back from our foreheads as if we have actually eaten that cool
delightful icecreams…we all shouted in tandem okk no problems and thanking them just ran out of that place 🙂
After that we made sure that weare not listening to the costly ideas of Sumit…as this was his idea only….

I was OK in my studies usually I was in the 90% bracket so teachers were happy with me most of the times…science was my area of interest so took up science and engineering was the most obvious option after that…

but in collig I realized many hidden talents in me (ok am a Brag ) so thot of moving my focus area to be media/advertising but then marketing with expanding my horizons of knowledge recognized it soon that there is lotta opportunities in Technical Marketing or strategic marketing as they call it!So wud be pursuing my MBA some time after some gud 2-3 yrs work ex. Ryt now Njoying my life to fullest!