Ok lemme start this with an engineer’s life….


School days…A smart intelligent guy generally likeable by all…popular among teachers and friends…njoying his life…

Suddenly one day the career light beacons on him after his 10th standard exams and he takes up the Science field as he is gud at that!

Now 11th std and 12th Std just pass by with no GFs in picture and just study and njoyment in mind…as the parents and teachers and all in family tells that these two years make or break ur life…

Sad story starts he din’t get into IITs hmm then has to take up engineering in a Pvt Engineering collig…Was that sad??? Probably was when his friends got into IIt and other gud colligis…

Then this guy is again told u have to b serious in this 4 yrs as these will make or break his life…he has to get Honors in his degree and he has to get a nice Job…

This guys gets the whole gist that this is the time to build on his skills and he started building his communication skills to the extent that he can stand a massively audience alone! he tries to find a nice balance between Studies and Friends…studies go fine…but the friendship scene goes sad…as d gal don want any commitments as very far so can’t b wid that gal for more time so…sad story…no relation…

But this guy gets honors in his degree and finally light of wisdom beacons on him saying that this in engineering field technical stuff is not for him…So he better get into management…and that crappy CAT paper he cudn’t crack…and takes up a job in a nice company…Even after not liking the work he is managing the stuff!

But this time also he has a hard luck in getting a nice GF y??? Coz he is away from his friend circle…no known ppl in here….again sad story for him…

Now he has a gud paying job…most things he aspire for in place…and probably in the coming time he would be having whatever he has aspired for…his management dreams will also come true coz he is very focused….But the question is

When will he get a nice GF???



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